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Microsoft integration tightens bonds between Teams, Outlook

Microsoft's upcoming integration will add Teams' collaboration capabilities to the Outlook email client. The update should save time for corporate workers.


Reassess enterprise UCaaS deployments in a hybrid workplace

A savvy UCaaS deployment can help companies solve some of the tough challenges associated with keeping employees engaged in a world where they can work from anywhere.


Companies face legal uncertainties defending against NFTs

Companies enter a legal gray area when protecting their intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks against NFT makers.


Amazon takes its telehealth offering nationwide

Amazon has made its Care telehealth service available nationwide with in-person healthcare services to follow later in the year. The company is tapping a growing healthcare market.

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Unified Communications Basics

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    A codec is a hardware- or software-based process that compresses and decompresses large amounts of data.

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    A telegraph is a communication system that sends information by making and breaking an electrical connection.

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    Video streaming vs. video conferencing: What is the difference?

    Companies are finding that video streaming and video conferencing can serve the same purpose. That doesn't mean, however, they are interchangeable. Find out why.

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