[24]7.ai was looking to increase their database, increase contacts at named accounts and nurture prospects in ways that would allow them to engage and interact more effectively across the buyer’s journey.

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Between TechTarget’s consulting services and Priority Engine tool, we now understand the buyer’s journey much better.”

– Kevin Payne, Vice President, Global Field Marketing, [24]7.ai


Priority Engine™, TechTarget’s data and analytics platform, enables [24]7.ai to improve nurture messaging and process. They now deploy the more sophisticated topic- and solution-specific streams necessary for a better, more productive user experience.

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Increased volume and quality of MQLs

of more score-qualified leads going to the ADRs with Priority Engine


Knowing what topics are resonating with their audience enables [24]7.ai to tailor messaging according to industry, account and competitive activity.

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[24]7.ai fuels their pipeline with Priority Engine.

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