Prior to its acquisition by NetApp, data storage company SolidFire needed to rapidly ramp up their core markets and establish themselves in an adjacent space where they were largely absent. They needed to find discerning, aspirational prospect accounts looking to build next-generation enterprise data centers.

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TechTarget has the breadth of services and the B2B audience we needed, and their business was completely aligned with ours. Their foundation is built on data, and everything they do is digital and better than any other provider.”

– Tracy Earles, Senior Demand Manager, SolidFire (now part of NetApp)


By deploying a broad range of TechTarget offerings, including Priority Engine™ and content syndication, SolidFire implemented a comprehensive program that integrated directly with their existing workflows, their SalesForce.com CRM and their overall go-to-market. Their approach succeeded in delivering the business velocity they sought by providing the prospects and opportunities they needed.

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SolidFire’s (now NetApp’s) partnership with TechTarget helped them navigate new markets and reach in-market prospects they couldn’t have sourced on their own. TechTarget’s purchase intent insight enabled the team to rapidly identify and engage with exactly the accounts and individual buyers they needed to impact.

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NetApp fuels their pipeline with Priority Engine.

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