With an expansion of their technology practices to include cybersecurity, cloud strategies and converged infrastructure, Focus Technology needed to improve the acquisition of net-new customers and accelerate the overall sales cycle. This meant getting in front of the right decision-makers at the right time in the buying cycle to keep the sales team’s pipeline full.

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Our sales teams are thanking us for making the investment in Priority Engine. This tool has vastly improved their effectiveness.”

– Doug Alexander, CEO, Focus Technology


With Priority Engine™, Focus Technology can now consolidate intent signals, account rankings and named active prospects to quickly and easily concentrate on their target segments.

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Shortened time-to-opportunity cycle

added to pipeline in 5 months


Priority Engine data has eased the complex process of applying for partner MDF and increased the sales team’s efficiency in adding real, qualified opportunities into the pipeline forecast on a weekly basis.

In addition to the benefits of Priority Engine, Focus Technology values the level of service and expertise provided by the TechTarget account team.

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Focus Technology fuels their pipeline with Priority Engine.

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